Providing a place to nurture the bond between pets & people.

Our Mission:

  • To provide superior pet care and ensure a positive, memorable experience to both pets and people.
  • Truly understand the importance of the people – pet bond and foster an atmosphere of support, empathy and cohesiveness.
  • Provide services that aid in the maintenance of, or improvement of, the quality of life for the pets in our care.
  • Set the standard for high quality boarding, training and care of pets in Lewis County and have this center be the foundation for future pet services in our community.


  • We will remain independent from corporately owned veterinary medicine and be locally owned and operated. We will continue to reinvest in a community that has invested in us. 
  • Recommend and adhere to research backed "force free" and positive reinforcement handling and training techniques. 
  • Employ Veterinarians that work, live and raise their families in Lewis County. 
  • Employ support staff that adheres to our vision and mission. 
  • Donate time and resources to our local Police K9 Units. 
  • Continue to manage a 501c3 fund through the American Veterinary Medical Foundation that allows us to provide veterinary care in "Good Samaritan" situations. 
  • Follow all state veterinary laws and adhere to current veterinary medical ethics. 
  • Share our unbiased, research-based knowledge, experience, dedication and compassion with our pet-owning community. 



  • Foster a positive culture, maintain a safe, healthy work environment, promote and facilitate work-life balance for our team members. 
  • Empower our team members to be able to provide the best client and patient care through proper training and continuing education.
  • Provide leadership that allows our team to be heard, and to give and receive continual feedback. 


what to expect at River bend pet center...

  • Superior Pet Care
  • Empathetic Atmosphere
  • Positive environment for both you & your pet(s)