Do you work all day and can't stop thinking about how lonely your dog must be in an empty home? Want to take a day-trip down to the beach, but don't want to bring your pup? Moving and you don't want to have to keep your canine companion preoccupied all day? If any of these or similar situations apply to you, then Day-Play may be a very valuable commodity for you and your canine companion.

In Day-Play, your dog is able to enjoy the weather and the company of other dogs in a safe, secure environment where they will be watched and fed according to your specifications. Your dog will be able to run around and play with our certified canine handlers and other dogs while you can take some time for yourself or to get that house cleaning done you've been meaning to do.

Day-Play is available Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm, not including holidays and instances where River Bend Pet Center is closed for the day. We offer Full Day (Over 5 hours) and 1/2 Day (Under 5 hours) options. 

All dogs that wish to participate in Day-Play must provide proof of:

  • Current veterinary grade flea treatment

  • A negative fecal (including Giardia) within the past 6 months

  • Current Rabies, Distemper combo and Bordetella vaccines (Leptospirosis is recommended but not required)

  • In addition, after providing proof of a negative fecal, they must pass a temperament test administered by Day-Play management staff (these are to be scheduled in advance)

If you are interested in our Doggie Day-Play Program and would like to know pricing or more information, please contact us directly using the "Contact Us" link or our email/phone number at the bottom of the page.

To save yourself time, please print, fill out, and bring our Liability Waiver with you when checking in your dog for the first time.

Temperament tests are a completely complimentary service that is required for many of our amenities. If you wish to sign your pets up for a temperament test, please fill out the following form:

Your Name *
Your Name
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Preferred Method of Contact
Please list the name, breed (if unknown, put "Mixed"), and spayed/neutered status of all dogs you wish to have tested.