BIG News!

Dear Friends, 

Over the last 11 years I have had the honor and privilege of being an associate veterinarian and part owner at Chehalis - Centralia Veterinary Hospital on State Ave in Chehalis. I came to CCVH straight out of veterinary school after adamantly saying I would never come back to Lewis County :). 

Change is inevitable and we have some very exciting changes coming up in the next several months. I am taking the plunge and moving into full practice ownership as well as expanding our services to keep up with demand. 

Beginning June 1st, I will be out at my new  facility River Bend Pet Center (311 Hamilton Rd in Chehalis) practicing full time under the name of Newaukum Valley Veterinary Services. I will have two other veterinarians joining me June 11th,  Dr. Casey Johnson (a familiar face from CCVH) and our new associate, Dr. Kendrah Jensen who recently graduated from Colorado State University veterinary school. NVVS is a full service veterinary clinic for cats and dogs only (for right now...stay tuned :)) and we will be available 7 days a week for your veterinary needs. 

In terms of CCVH, both Dr. Mark Giffey and Dr. Kelly Ford will still be practicing there and will also be available to all of you for your dog and cat veterinary needs. 

Dr. Giffey will be retiring at the end of August and at that time, Chehalis - Centralia Veterinary Hospital and Newaukum Valley Veterinary Services will merge under the NVVS name and similar to some human medical practices, our doctors will rotate between the two practices to best meet the needs of our patients and clients.  

This transition certainly comes full circle for me as Dr. Giffey wrote me a letter of recommendation to get in to vet school. 

So...what does this mean for all of our clients? 

- Free sharing of information between the two clinics from here on out so you do not need to worry about having records transferred over to NVVS if you wish to go to that facility 

- More appointment availability at 2 convenient locations 

- You choose which location you wish to pick up your pet prescriptions or food 

- You can still call the 360-748-6622 number to schedule veterinary appointments for either location (starting June 1st, until then please call 360-748-3121 for appointments at NVVS/RBPC) 

- River Bend Pet Center continues to grow its menu of services and can meet your needs for: veterinary supervised cat and dog boarding, dog day-play (our fun filled version of day-care), our private dog park Reign Park (official dedication is June 27th), puppy socialization classes (every Sunday at 4 pm), grooming services (starting in June) and canine obedience classes (using only research backed positive reinforcement techniques). For more information on these services please call 360-748-3121.

I hope that you all continue to join me on this adventure and thank you for all of your support over the years that has necessitated this expansion. 

Nurturing the People-Pet Bond, 

Dr. Brandy Fay, DVM