At River Bend Pet Center, we are proud to be able to offer Basic Obedience and One-on-One Training sessions provided by our in-house, ABC certified dog trainer. She believes in positive reinforcement, or "force-free" training to nourish the pet-parent bond by implementing a reward-based training system that has been scientifically proven to produce less anxious and more self-confident dogs. Our trainer will work with you so you can understand your pup and lead them down the path so they are able to be the best canine companion they can be.

Our Basic Obedience Training classes are in a group setting that lasts for 6 weeks, one class per week. In these classes you and your pup will work together to learn numerous cues, to quell bad behavior, and various training techniques that will be necessary for a bright future together.

Our trainer is also more than happy to offer One-on-One training sessions with your pup in 1-hour or 2-hour intervals, including a package of (4) 1-hour sessions. These lessons will be individually tailored to your dog's specific needs and will include all of the lessons provided in our regular dog training classes, minus the distraction of having other canines present. 

If you are interested in our dog training programs and would like to know pricing or more information, please contact us directly using the "Contact Us" link or our email/phone number at the bottom of the page.